Markets Served by Odyssey Electronics

Markets Served by Odyssey Electronics

Alternative Energy

Odyssey Electronics is proud to serve companies that continue to improve the quality of life. With conformal coating and potting capabilities we can build your PCB's to withstand the harshest environments.


Odyssey Electronics continues to provide quality electronic assemblies to the medical industry that aid in everything from early detection devices to logging medical records. We have been ISO 9001 certified since 2000, and ISO 13485 certified since 2012. We currently build level 1 and 2 medical devices.

Telematics / Telecommunication

Odyssey Electronics is excited to be a part of this changing and growing industry. We understand the cost competitive nature of this business. We offer several solutions to meet your needs.

Audio / Video

The audio / video industry requires some of the most high end devices on the market. Odyssey Electronics is on the forefront of that technology. We provide electronic assemblies for video editing, drive thru communications, and consumer audio products. We have the experience to deliver your high end devices.


Odyssey Electronics understands the sensitive nature of working with military products. We are ISO 9001 and ITAR certified. Our employees are trained to IPC standards to build your mission critical assemblies.

LED lighting

Odyssey Electronics has extensive experience in the LED lighting industry. We have worked with several of the alternative substrates required to meet the thermal parameters of your assembly. Our employees are trained how to properly handle LEDs to prevent humidity or ESD damage.

Industrial / Commercial

Since 1988, Odyssey Electronics has served as a full service partner to the industrial/commercial industry. We built industrial assemblies for our first customer, and we still build assemblies for that customer to this day.