Odyssey Electronics Capabilities

Odyssey Electronics Capabilities


Resistors, capacitors, diodes, SIP, DIP, IC BGA, QFN, LED, QFP, connectors, headers
Component Min/Max Height
0.1mm (min) - 15mm (max)
Component Min/Max Length
.001mm (min) - 42mm (max)
Component Min/Max Width
.001mm (min) - 42mm (max)
PCB Min/Max Length
50mm (min) - 550mm (max)
PCB Min/Max Width
40mm (min) - 430mm (max)
PCB materials
FR materials, flex, rigid flex, CEM materials, aluminum
Solder paste
Kester Easy Profile 256, Kester NXG1, Loctite LF318

Screen Printer

Screen Printer
PCB Min/Max Length
50mm (min)- 510mm (max)
PCB Min/Max Width
50mm (min)- 508mm (max)
PCB Min/Max Height
.5mm (min)- 6mm (max)
Paste Inspection
2D camera inspection 100% coverage

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
Inspection types
Normalized correlation, OCV, OCR, barcode recognition and rule-based, real-time SPC data reports
Camera inspection
2 top down cameras, 4 side view cameras, high magnification camera capable of 01005 component inspection
Solder joint inspection
Min/Max PCB length: 50mm (min)- 560mm (max)
Min/Max PCB width: 0mm (min) - 510mm (max)
Max height: 50mm
Defect detection
Position, presence, wrong, polarity, skewed, tombstoned, bent, lifted, bridged, open, insufficient, short, solder balls

X-ray Inpsection

X-ray Inpsection
Inspection types
Live 2D, void measurement
PCB max size
18" x 22" max
Payload Capacity

Axial Insertion / Sequencer

Axial Insertion / Sequencer
Cycle rate
16,000 CPH
Component type
Capacitors, resistors, diodes, inductors, jumpers
Hole span
0.300" min - 0.950" max
Component Body Diameter
0.100" min - 0.460" max
Lead Wire Diameter
0.015" min - 0.032" max
PCB Size
2" x 2" min - 22" x 18" max
Insertable Area
20" x 18"
Board Error Correction
BEC light point alignment
Component Verifier
Capacitors, resistors, diode polarity
60 feeders with Refire

Wave Solder / Selective Solder

Wave Solder / Selective Solder
Solder processes
Wave solder, selective solder, selective solder pallets
Solder metal
Lead (63sn/37pb)
Lead-free (96.5sn3.0ag0.5cu)
Flux materials
Kester 959T, Kester 979
Wave PCB max size
Wave solder 17" width, unclassified length
Selective solder PCB size
2" x 2" min - 18" x 18" max
PCB materials
FR materials, flex, rigid flex


100% test, power-up, cycle, burn-in, calibration
Checksum MDA tester
Boundary Scan
J-TAG Boundary Scan

Repair / Modifications

Repair / Modifications
Passives (0201 and up), fine pitch QFP, micro BGA, etc.
Axial, radial, flex circuit, connectors, dip, odd form components
Wire Modification
Wire harness, trace wire, cable, connectors
PCB Repair
Pad, barrel, trace, via, thru-hole, SMT

Conformal Coating

Conformal Coating
Coating Material
Humiseal 1B31 / Thinner 521PB25
Position Accuracy
+/- 0.05mm (0.002")
Position Repeatability
+/- 0.025mm (0.001")
Minimum/Maximum PCB size
12.5mm x 12.5mm - 400mm x 400mm
(.5" x .5") - (15.75" x 15.75")
Maximum Component height
110mm (4.33")
Payload Capacity
11.4 Kg (25lbs)


Loctite 3140 Resin, Loctite 3164 Hardener, nonconductive epoxy

Box Build / Turnkey

Wiring, mechanical assembly, ETL, calibration, testing, labeling, Kanban, Direct shipping, ETL certified