Odyssey Electronics Services

Odyssey Electronics Services

Surface Mount Technology

Odyssey Electronics has six surface mount lines. Four of our surface mount lines are setup for low to medium volume production, and two of our surface mount lines are fully automated giving us the capability to build medium to high volume production.


Our ISO process control, integrated with our paperless procedure system, enables us to repeatedly build quality product.

Wave Solder / Selective Solder

Printed circuit board real estate is becoming more critical. We have found it vital to not only offer wave solder capability, but be proficient with the many varieties of selective solder. When controlled properly, wave solder and selective solder return a lower cost, highly repeatable, quality solder joint.


Odyssey Electronics offers a full complement of test services to ensure products are reliable and fully functional. We have developed inspection and test procedures that verify quality product. We begin with AOI and x-ray to qualify assemblies before they are tested. When provided, we use ICT, Boundary scan, and functional test to verify product 100%, saving our customers time and money. For customers that require test development, we have partnered with local contract engineers.

Automated Optical Inspection

To qualify the surface mount process, we have four automated optical inspection systems. We inspect 100% of the SMT placements. For inspection of BGA's and leadless components, we have a Yestech YTX-3000 with void inspection.

Conformal Coating / Potting

The surge of electronics being incorporated into new products has exposed many electronic assemblies to harsh environments. We offer conformal coating and potting to help protect your electronics from the elements that can cause failures.

Box Build / Turn-key Assembly

We offer complete manufacturing solutions to fulfill our customers' needs. We utilize the same robust quality, and manufacturing processes to build finished product that we use to build our electronic assemblies. Additionally, we can warehouse finished product and ship directly to the end customer giving our customers the freedom to focus on what they do best.